(ST. LOUIS, MO, 6/11/06) – CAIR-St. Louis recently hosted a workshop on employment discrimination issues at Darul Islam Mosque. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Adult Education Committee of the Islamic Foundation of St. Louis.

EEOC District Director James Neely and Joan Suarez from Jobs With Justice offered presentations about employee rights and what should one do if he or she believes that any discrimination has occurred based on faith, color, race, age, or ethnicity. Neely and Suarez answered many questions from the workshop participants.

CAIR-St. Louis Executive Director James Hacking met today with a group of foreign journalists as part of the U.S. State Department's International Visitor Program to discuss grassroots organizing and the participation of Muslims in the U.S. political process.

Hacking was asked to meet with the delegation of journalists as part of the State Department's program entitled "Journalism, Society and the Political Process in the United States."

The discussion focused on increased participation of local Muslims in politics, the local CAIR Chapter's media watchdog efforts, the portrayal of Islam in the media, and CAIR's national voter registration drive.

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James Hacking

When three area Muslims were called recently by the FBI for an "informal  interview," the men arrived accompanied by attorney James Hacking. As head  of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, St. Louis Chapter, Hacking  lends not only his time but also his legal services to the city's estimated  65,000 Muslim residents. "We do a lot of interfaith stuff," says Hacking,  whose local chapter has roughly 350 members. "We work with Muslims who've  been discriminated against. We work with the media to give an accurate  portrayal of Islam and we try to educate the general public that we're not  all a bunch of terrorists."

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