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COLUMBIA, Mo., Nov. 7 (UPI) -- A Muslim grocer jailed for violating U.S. sanctions by sending money from Missouri to family and friends in Iraq should be released, say his supporters.

The campaign to free Shakir Hamoodi includes a petition presented to President Barack Obama by U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Thursday.

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“I have lived in Kirkwood for most of my life, since coming to the United States," Syed says. "Never have I or my family felt unwelcome in the city of Kirkwood, until I read this email. Sadly, I've been to the State Capitol three times for Muslim Day, and all three times, Rep. Stream has not met with me or my family to discuss issues that are concerning to us. We were able to meet with his secretary but not with him directly." Syed notes that Stream and others have a standing dinner invitation with the Missouri Muslim community at one of its Islamic Community Centers.

He's not impressed with Stream’s explanation of his email, calling for “nothing less than an apology from Rep. Stream, along with a concentrated effort by House and Senate leadership to curb this type of anti-Islam thinking at the State Capitol.”

“There is a growing problem of Islamophobia at the Missouri State Capitol," Syed adds. "It is very vital for the success of our state that this problem be addressed by the leadership in both the House and the Senate."

Just days after Steam’s comments became public, the House 
gave final approval to legislation that targets the use of Sharia and other foreign laws in the United States. Stream was one of the majority votes.

Stream now faces a term limit on his House seat. While a run for state Senate could be in his future, his Churchill email could prove costly in his diverse district.

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August 5, 2013

By Roger McKinneyThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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JOPLIN, Mo. — An official with the Islamic Society of Joplin during an interfaith event on Saturday provided details about plans to rebuild the mosque, which was destroyed in a suspicious fire on Aug. 6 last year.

The cause of the fire at the mosque at 1302 S. Black Cat Road has not been pinpointed by federal investigators. A previous fire that damaged the roof of the mosque last July 4 had been declared an arson — a surveillance video shows a man tossing a flaming item onto the roof.

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STL Public Radio: Still Feeling The Effects Of 9/11, 12 Years Later

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"I found myself becoming an ambassador for Islam everywhere I went," said Syed.

After 9/11, Islamic Americans found themselves the target of discriminatory laws in 38 states, said Syed. He would like the media to change the way they describe Islamic terrorists. Instead of focusing on their religion, he said the focus should be on their politics because that is what truly motivated them to act.

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Interfaith Groups to Clean Neighborhood for 9/11 Day of Service: CAIR-St. Louis

September 11th has been marked as "Patriot Day" a national day of service where people from across the United States are encouraged to volunteer and give back to their communities. 

This year, CAIR-St. Louis working with the Muslim community, interfaith groups and Veterans for Peace are organizing a neighborhood clean-up project. Volunteers are needed to pick up garbage, cut lawns, clear debris, and much more for families living in the 1st Ward. 

WHAT: Interfaith 9/11 Day of Service
WHEN: Wednesday September 11th @ 4PM till 7PM
WHERE: Yeatman Market, 4401 Athlone Ave, St. Louis MO 63115

We are encouraging peoples of all faiths or no faith to attend this program. 

Interested in volunteering? Go here today. 

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