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Dar-Al-Jalal Masjid Open House & Dinner for Trump Supporters

Sunday, March 26th @ 3:30 P.M. – 6:30 P.M.
Dar-Al-Jalal Masjid, 8945 Dunn Rd, Hazelwood MO, 63042

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The St. Louis Muslim community is inviting all Americans to move past the divisive election and “Make America Whole Again”. They are hosting an Islamic Center open house to invite our friends who are Trump supporters and Republicans in order to build bridges of peace and mutual understanding. America is more polarized today than at any other point in recent history. Much of the negative rhetoric has been against Islam and Muslims. Our goal is to invite people who have questions about Islam and Muslims to visit a local Islamic Center, break bread, ask questions, and get to know their Muslim neighbors. This event is primarily for Trump supporters and Republicans, though everyone in the community is welcome.

We strongly believe that the most effective and lasting way to build bridges is to open our doors and sit down together in spite of feelings of mistrust in order to recognize the core human values that we all share but practice differently.

The open house will include:

  • Tours of the Dar-Al-Jalal Islamic Center, including the prayer hall, library, and school.
  • A Delicious international dinner prepared fresh and local
  • Presentation on Islam and Muslims along with a Q&A session
  • Small group conversations and dialogue with Muslims to ask the tough questions and build meaningful relationships
  • Henna temporary tattoo art, write your name in Arabic gifts, free information on Islam, listen to the Quran, witness the Hajj, take a picture while trying out Islamic clothing, and so much more

This event is free and open to the public with online registration! Register today by filling out your information below!


CAIR-Missouri Open House Photo

Directly beneath Straub’s of Clayton Rd., interns Atif Shamail and Shehmin Awan nervously packed up the vacuum in their executive director’s office. The rest of the CAIR team and early guests-turned-volunteers lent hands in the lobby for last minute printing, product placement, and arranging literature tucked into bookcases flanking a giant flat screen TV along the eastern wall.

CAIR-MO, Council on American-Islamic Relations-Missouri, celebrated their St.Louis office open house on February 19, 2017 with huge success, inspiring momentum to blaze forward. Humble projections for attendance were cast aside when over 150 visitors strengthened ties with the civil rights advocacy team over lively conversation from 1pm to 5pm that Sunday. Guests were also treated to snacks and homemade ethnic cuisine and sweet pastries donated by Humaira Qalbani. It took two people, Dr. Anjum Shariff, board President, and Faizan Syed, Executive Director, to calm the lively crowd for formal introductions at 2pm.

For CAIR-MO staff themselves, the most memorable part was the generous attendance and the inspiration it yielded. Chris Caras, CAIR-MO’s outreach director, also noted attendant diversity while Ian left to right Chris Caras Dr. Anjum Shariff and Zach GoldMooney, intern and volunteer coordinator, was energized by the didactic discussions taking place around him. Linah Elnashar, entrepreneur and assistant to CAIR-MO, enjoyed the networking opportunity as she looks forward to representing Muslims and CAIR at the liberal women meeting this Monday. Yusra Ali, event coordinator for CAIR-MO, won't forget the fiery chatter with local artists coming out to support and be involved. Yusra is overseeing an upcoming event, “Creativity and Identity: A Muslim-American Art Exhibit”.

CAIR-MO team attendees not mentioned previously include Yasir Ali, Sadia Ali, Omar Malik, Ali Chaudry, Omar Memon, Meraj Sirajuddin, and Naveen Ayesh.  Absent for travel was Robert West, CAIR-MO attorney.

CAIR-MO was grateful to welcome guests aligned with their tradition of peace, justice, and freedom of faith. Allies for political peace included representative Bill Otto among many democratic and bi-partisan activists. For justice advocacy, members of the South Asian Bar Association (SABA) and New Legal Alliance came. Faith leaders and representatives of many local religious organizations and groups, including Metropolitan Congregations United and Ethical Society of St.Louis were also in force.

When the event came to a close and remaining guests left warmly, CAIR-MO staff gathered the volunteer sign-up forms littered about the office. Sweet smell lingered, from cookies and cake as well as the encouraging words that still hung in the air. CAIR-MO invites everyone to follow them for future events and opportunities to help out Muslim minorities and bring hope to a healing nation.

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