Action Alert: Stop MO Employment Discrimination Bill SB 43

Contact Your Elected Officials to Stop Senate Bill 43 Which Would Make it Easier for MO Employers to Discriminate Against Minorities
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Right now, extreme the Missouri Legislature is trying to roll back discrimination protections for Missouri workers.

Instead of fighting for equality in Missouri, they’re pushing a dangerous bill would make it easier for employers to discriminate against Muslims, Jews, and other religious and ethnic minorities.

Senate Bill 43 is being heard in the House Litigation Reform Committee today at 1:00.

If SB43 passes out of committee and heads to the House floor, it will gut protections for employees who’ve been discriminated against based on their age, ancestry, color, disability, sex, religion, race or nation of origin.

Contact your representative today and ask them to fight back against discrimination and oppose SB43.

Missourians deserve better from their employers -- and from their elected officials.

SB 43 would make it so employees would have to prove that their race, religion, sex, or other protected status was a “motivating factor” in their dismissal. The current standard is that their protected status was a “contributing factor”. This extra burden will make it easier for employers to discriminate and harder for workers to defend themselves.
This bill would also limit damages sought under the Missouri Human Right Act on a scale depending on the size of a business.

  • Employers with 5-100 employees wouldn’t pay more than $50,000
  • Employers with 500+ employees wouldn’t pay more than $500,000
  • Arguing that people might not go to the trouble of taking a case to court if damages are limited

Contact your representative today to oppose SB43 NOW before the 1:00 hearing.

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