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Chris Caras, 32, of Ballwin, Missouri, has been a practicing member of the American Muslim community ever since he embraced Islam in 2001 in Peoria, Illinois. Chris was raised Christian, attending Lutheran and Greek Orthodox churches on alternate Sundays. He first accepted Islam while a junior in high school, never having met a Muslim before in his life, but mesmerized by the Quran's compacted rich and grand meaning.

Chris began pursuing Islamic studies after being appointed secretary of the Knox College Islamic Club and imam of Galesburg, IL. He left Knox College, worked in retail and welding until he performed the Islamic "Hajj" pilgrimage to Mecca. He then studied at the renowned Islamic University of Medinah, Saudi Arabia. Chris completed their two year Arabic learning institute and then graduated in 2013 with honors from their four-year bachelor's degree program in Islamic theology, history, and education. After spending a year teaching in Peoria, Chris went to Malaysia for two years to earn his masters in Islamic Law and Legal Theory, finishing in 2016. 

Chris is excited about being an outreach coordinator and Islamic Education Director with CAIR-Missouri. This is the work, he feels, that will ultimately have the greatest impact on changing public perception of Islam and Muslims.

Outside of Islamic studies, Chris golfs and studies computer programming. He enjoys a strong relationship with his father, a USMC veteran and federal judge, and his mother an RN, both retired. Chris' wife of eight years is an American of Pakistani heritage and an accomplished Quran recitation teacher. They have two young daughters together. 

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