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Nearly every day political news surfaces that makes us less certain about the future, and more longing for the past, in spite of its shortcomings. The state of our education, our civil rights, our legislative and justice system, our international standing, the transparency of our government, the accountability of Wall Street and corporations—but above all, the safety and freedom of one another—all hanging in the balance.

While we organize, collectively and individually, trying to take every practical legal measure to keep America great, we cannot allow ourselves to forget the most important agent of success: The Help of God.

As believers, we’ve been given a set of revelations and prophetic examples meant to light the way in all circumstances. Neither the Quran nor the Bible instruct readers to call their congressman—at least not directly. But in all Divine Revelations that are adaptable to every time and place, the “Godly components” of our success are there if we can put those pieces together and act on them appropriately. Here then are a few of the Islamic—and I dare say universal—necessities for earning God’s Help:

  1. Prayer and invocation. As the Quran says, “And your Lord said: Call upon Me and I will respond to you!” [Qur’an ch. 40 vs. 60] Imagine the most powerful person on earth wanting to help if you just dial them up on the phone—but this is so much greater.
  2. Sincere righteous action. Give in charity, even half a dollar. Fast a day for God. Make extra prayers and remembrances. Say no to temptations. Kick a bad habit. Tell the world because righteousness won’t be contagious if it is a secret. Or keep it between yourself and your Creator. The important thing is doing it for God.
  3. Helping others. The Quran and Prophet’s example are resplendent with this message: whoever is not merciful to others will not receive mercy [al-Bukhari]. While this promised mercy is more often in the context of life after death, there is no doubt that some of it is proportioned during this earthly existence. It is the golden rule that all of God’s Messengers taught and lived by.
  4. Optimism and Gratitude. I began by mentioning our longing for the past—but remember, as of today, little has really changed. Be thankful. Allah says, “If you are grateful, I will give you increase” [Quran ch 14, vs. 7] And the Prophet Muhammad said, “Whoever said the people are doomed, then he is the one who doomed them,” [Muslim] Spread good cheer and glad tidings, believe and know that the Help of Allah is nigh.
  5. Patience. As it is said in English, “Good things come to those who wait,” it is emphasized throughout the Qur’an: God will test us, sometimes even by the malice and plotting of others. But if we are patient and do not despair, but continue these steps and continue reminding one another of these Godly components of receiving Allah’s protection and security in this life, then it will absolutely come, even if it is just at the bleakest moment, and the test will be lifted.

So let this time of obvious trial and uncertainty be an opportunity to work on our relationship with Allah—God, just as He desires from us. And let it be an opportunity to continue being good to our neighbors, not only marching and advocating to keep our rights secure, but providing passing help to anyone we see in need.

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